Sleeping pills overdose is most common among famous actors as the cause of their sudden death. While not the same as an uppercut to the babymaker, the bottle of pills cost me $18 – that’s some expensive sugar!
To be clear, if you did this with sleeping pills that you could get as a prescription, or even over-the-counter things like Tylenol, cough medicine, antihistamines, pretty much anything you could get in a real pharmacy, you’d probably die. First of all, you *can* overdose on homeopathic medicine if you take too little (it won’t be dilute enough). I went to Finlandia, a naturopathic pharmacy on Broadway, to procure myself some homeopathic sleeping pills.

They had all brought their own homeopathic concoctions, including a popular homeopathic flu medication, sleeping pills, arsenic pills and belladonna (the latter two being highly toxic when undiluted). He died from an accidental overdose of both prescription and non-prescription pills, and sleeping pills. In 1978, she was found dead in her New York City apartment due to the overdose of sleeping pills and she also left a suicide note.
The suggested dose is 3 pills, so consuming the whole bottle would be about 16 doses of sleep meds.
All of these were available from places like Choices and Whole Foods – none of them were particularly cheap.

At the age of 81 and following a Palm Sunday church service, she took an overdose of sleeping pills and lay down on her couch.

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