Night Shift is worn around the neck; it uses and measures the effectiveness of vibration feedback to discourage back-sleeping. Night Shift™ uses vibrotactile feedback to discourage supine sleep and treat mild to moderate sleep apnea.
Web-based reports provide compliance information associated with changes in sleep position efficiency and snoring.
Sign notifying visitors that a night shift war worker may be asleep on the premises, and requesting quiet during daylight hours, World War II period, 1942.
Well, as luck would have it, there’s a name for that pain: shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). SWSD is the consequence of recurrent sleep interruption in a way that runs counter to our circadian rhythms.

Understand that the effects are compounded the more nights you work in a row, as night shift workers sleep less than day workers. Avoid rotating shifts, which are even more difficult to deal with than it is to work the same shift for a longer period of time. My acne has been under control since using my Julep Clensing Oil religiously since it became available and now the Night Shift mask will be added to my routine as it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or cause more breakouts.
Generally, I’d be the only “boss” around, so I really got to enjoy my staff in a way that wasn’t possible during the day shifts. Decrease the number of night shifts you work in a row and try to limit shifts to five a week or four in a row. The only real problem was that after two shifts, it was hard to function during the days in between shifts.

Night work runs counter to the body’s natural biological cycle (called the circadian rhythm), and its attempts to compensate still don’t result in ideal body function, particularly related to sleep. Date published: 2014-12-12 Rated 5 out of 5 by iSkriLLz from Amazing I never sleep with products on my face because I find it incredibly uncomfortable.
Not only is it not uncomfortable to sleep in but my skin feels amazing and I'm only on Day 3.

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