Hi Heather, my 7 week old has been sleeping at night in a swing (my little lamb) since birth and in the vibrating bassinet for daytime sleep. My 4 week old has to have a pacifier in his mouth while sleeping or he won’t sleep just lay there and cry. I’m guessing she has a negative association with sleeping, due to the reflux, and so fights it. He is really only awake after 2 or 3 feelings a day and when that does happen he usually eats after playtime to go to sleep. He doesn’t like to sleep flat on his back, he will only sleep in his swing or the rocker.

The sooner she bonds with this, the better it will be for you, since it will give her some comfort when you’re not around and help her sleep better.
Ever since his birth he has slept like an angel during the night, for about 10-12 hours waking up only too feed (ohh do I feel blessed).
I do a bedtime routine starting at 930, then feed her and she is out, I then lay her next to me and she will sleep for about 3 hours and then wake. I realize this is his natural pattern right nOw but I am worried I shouldn’t be feeding him to sleep. In fact, a newborn schedule in the first 4 weeks doesn’t look too much like a schedule.

Both schedules have the same general notes to follow (feeding your baby, napping, etc.), but at the end of the jam-session they sound completely different.
She is on Zantac for reflux which the reflux is what I thought the original problem was but she is still not sleeping.
Your Next Step Now that you’ve got a good idea about what your newborn schedule should look like, let me depress you a little.

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