OK, I’m finding it difficult to keep hearing from friends or others that there babies are going for long stints of sleep at night. Hi all first time mum and first time questioner so please excuse me but desperate for help! Can't get 8-week-old ro sleep before 2am June 2007 My daughter is about 8 weeks old and goes to bed anywhere from 12-2am. As most new parents discover, it usually takes a team effort to lull a baby to sleep–especially as a newborn.

At the two-month mark, you may be relieved to notice your baby getting closer to sleeping through the night. Changing sleeping patterns can be quite difficult, especially when trying to get up early in the morning when you are a night owl. I told my doc that my baby sleeps for 7 hours at night and I was all 3 Month Olds Sleeping Patterns. By the time your baby is three or four months old, he should have his days and nights straightened out.

Okay, so I have a wonderful, happy and healthy 3 month old boy (just turned 3 months on the 29th) Some babies sleep alot some don’t. While this will vary between Below you can see an example of a 3 month old’s sleep pattern.

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