Pregnancy and parenting comic-- Where it all begins-- Morning sickness-- Weight gain-- Ravenous hunger-- Pimples-- Flatulence-- Varicose veins-- Mood swings-- Needing to pee. Anything I’ve read about squatting to help strengthen the pelvic floor says to do a deep squat in the shower when you pee.
Once this point is reached, you won't be able to go more than an hour or two between trips to the bathroom, and this includes during the night.

Squatting to pee in the shower is GOOD for you because it allows you to engage your pelvic floor in the way it is optimally designed for. My husband lived in Brazil for a while and they had a water saving campaign where they encouraged people to pee in the shower. I am super happy all my shower pee pees are ok and my primal squatting in the garden is doing something good!

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