Most of us need seven to eight hours of sleep each night for optimal daytime functioning, but at least 50 percent of Americans struggle with sleep problems- and these problems tend to get worse as we get older. If you are going to improve your sleep, this means powering down for a designated couple of stress-free hours before bed.
Human beings evolved with natural day and night cycles – also called circadian rhythms. As a rule I recommend not combining herbs and medications without the supervision of a physician skilled in the use of botanicals. Fast becoming my favorite product for sleep and anxiety, Lavela is a proprietary lavender oil product so look for this brand. This herb has been used traditionally to promote sleep, and some evidence shows that it can actually improve sleep quality – thus it can help you stay asleep and feel more rested when you wake.
With a long traditional history as a sleep herb, this mildly estrogenic herb is a common beer ingredient and is wonderful for promoting deep sleep.
While not effective for everyone, individuals with sleep latency syndrome and those with melatonin deficiency may get moderate improvement from taking 1-3 mg in the hour before bed.
A combination calcium (800 mg) and magnesium supplement (400 mg), or magnesium alone if you are avoiding calcium supplementation due to cardiac disease, can promote relaxation and sleep.
Relaxing Sleep Tonic by Herb Pharm, and Sleep and Relax Tea by Gaia Herbs are two reliable over-the-counter products you can find in most stores. If sleep troubles persist after 3 months of trying these tips, or if you have other medical symptoms, please talk with your primary physician who can evaluate you for sleep disorders, sleep apnea, and medical problems that can interfere with sleep, for example, depression and fibromyalgia. I would love to hear your thoughts on the recent trend in herbalism to call lavender (and tea tree) estrogenic herbs. As a clinical herbalist myself, Valerian has poor results in both research and in my practice. I have a tea made from equal parts of lime flowers and passiflora and find this helps me sleep well.
I generally only sleep 4 to 5 hours at night, waking up to go to the bathroom and then not being able to go back to sleep. Solid Eight is based on the traditional formula Suan Zao Ren Tang, the most widely used sleep formula in Chinese herbal medicine. Indications Use Solid Eight for occasional sleeplessness not associated with a diagnosed medical condition, such as insomnia. Alternate Dosages & Frequency As with all concentrated herb drops, start with the recommended or smaller dose and increase as needed. Do not combine Solid Eight with other products intended to promote healthy sleep or pharmaceuticals intended to treat insomnia. During the cold winter months, especially when those cold fronts blast through, it can be hard to keep warm.  To keep warm during these short days and long winter nights, add these 5 herbal winter warmers to keep the chill at bay.

If you grew herbs in the summer and dried them, you can use them in various recipes to ward off Old Man Winter.  There’s no one better than Mother Nature to send the winter chill back out the door.
Click here Mountain Rose Herbs for an online source that carries organic and sustainably grown herbs for all your recipes. Experiencing excruciating pain and sleepless nights create extreme frustration to the sufferer and to his loved ones. In our previous posts, we’ve shared How to Make Pain Relief Lotion Bars and How to Make Your Own Herbal Capsules.
Note: If you need to buy these ingredients in bulk, you can source it from Mountain Rose Herbs Bulk Organic Herbs and Spices Discount Store or at this Amazon page. The herbal capsules made from this powerful ingredients can be used for acute pain, chronic pain and sleep enhancement. Medical residency was a life filled with chronic caffeine stimulation, an endless to-do list, long hours in front of a computer screen, stress and late work hours with little (or no) sleep. Unfortunately, if you have sleep problems, you may have begun to equate your bedroom with a place of misery rather than rest.
In fact, your daytime and evening habits can have a major impact on your ability to get to sleep at night. Relaxation skills practiced once you get into bed can increase your chances of getting to sleep – and having it be restful.
These rhythms control the hormones, for example, melatonin, which influence our sleep-wake cycles. Chamomile tea can be sipped throughout the evening in the hours before sleep – up to 2 cups of a strong brewed tea (use 2 teabags per cup or 2 TBS of loose herb) and steep for 10 minutes with a lid on the cup. I recommend the tincture (alcohol extract) to be taken in doses of 30 drops, 1 hour and again 30 minutes before going to sleep. They can also help if restless leg syndrome or muscle cramps interfere with your sleep, and can be helpful during pregnancy.
There are a number of medications that can be used to treat insomnia, however, many are addictive or have significant side effects, and so trying a natural approach first, if there are no associated medical problems, is a healthy choice. Also trying to not overwhelm folks with too much info in one article so kept it to a limited number of herbs.
I fall asleep just fine most of the time but often wake spontaneously during the night and have trouble going back to sleep. I get called in maybe 50-60% of the time and resist always sleeping at the hospital when I am on call ( I miss my own bed and my husband) although I know it makes sense so I don’t have to wake up and drive 12 mile in the middle of the night. Add 1 mL (about 20 drops) per 50 pounds of body weight to room temperature water and drink 20 minutes before you are ready to sleep. If Solid Eight is not effective at the recommended dose for promoting healthy sleep, increase the volume of the dosage administered in early evening prior to bed..

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.The Herbalogic name and logo are registered trademarks.
Today, I love to share the How to Make All Natural Pain and Sleeping Pills tutorial of FrugallySustainable. Do a class an hour before bed, then take an aromatherapy bath to help you decompress before you sleep.
I use them, along with several nutritional supplements to help my patients sleep and they LOVE the results! Sleep apnea must be treated with appropriate medical care in addition to the options above.
I would only use Valerian for sleep in people without these indications, and never on its own (would combine with hops or passionflower in general).
To make this recipe, you need to prepare power-packed herb ingredients that include powdered valerian root, powdered skullcap, powdered lemon balm, powdered oatstraw, powdered passion flower, powdered rhodiola root and powdered hop flowers.
I felt miserable and was all too familiar with the effects of poor sleep on my performance, memory and mood-which was really scary as I was handling life-and-death matters at work. With persistence and loving attention, you and sleep can get back into a great relationship.
Alternatively, you can use the tincture, 40 drops 1 hour and again 30 minutes prior to sleep. Each time I visit a doctor the standard prescription of sleeping pills or benzodiazepines seem to be their drugs of choice. And to those who have suffered enough, they find some console on several all-natural remedies created based on herbs known to help relieve pain and induce a restorative sleep. All people should consult their licensed health care provider, before taking any herbal product. In particular, women who are pregnant or nursing, and persons with known medical conditions, should consult their licensed health care provider before taking any herbal product.
Most recently after going well over 6 months with little to no sleep I revisited the doctor only to have Ambien prescribed. Nervine relaxants ease the tensions that often produce sleeplessness.Anti-spasmodics address any somatic muscular tightness that may be involved.

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