People with joint problems usually avoid physical activity as most of the physical fitness actions involve bending through the knees and other joints of the body.
Incase you feel that some supplements are responsible for causing constipation, contact your doctor as he will give you a different supplement. For example, a bowl of ice cream and warm water or ice chips and a cup of warm tea, as this help in stimulating and toning the bowel and releasing gas that gets accumulated in the bowel.
It is very necessary to get ways for reducing or eliminating stress from the life by meditation and yoga.

Loss of calcium from joints and bones due to some drugs or medicines can also be responsible for joint pain. Do not sit in one place for long, stretch, move around and keep yourself busy unless advised to have bed rest by your doctor.
Proper sitting, walking and sleeping postures should be followed and correct mattresses should be used. Do not worry too much about the bodily changes…you will forget everything once your angel arrives.

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