These simple sleep remedies can help lessen the impact of insomnia and bring about productive rest. Author Peter Smith, a holistic medical consultant at the Hale Clinic in London, explains how sleep "works" and the physical and psychological causes of insomnia. In this situation, insomnia strikes and I really hate it because I can't sleep, even though the dawn is already breaking and dark circles left a trace of insomnia. I’ve seen studies that suggest there is no evidence that tryptophan helps you to stay asleep, however other studies show blood levels of tryptophan are low in people with primary insomnia and that tryptophan significantly increases the depth of the deep sleep phase we have in the beginning of the night. You must choose the right form of B-12 (methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin) and also the right type of sublingual preparation to bypass the intestines.

Amino acid chelates were the best but have now been superseded by the Food State technology sold in the UK by Nature’s Own or Cytoplan, and the True Food technology sold by Higher Nature. Look for brands with the name Food State in their information and you will see they are blended with S. In the USA I recommend Mega Food (available from iHerb).These supplements have been processed through live (safe) yeasts so that they end up as a true concentrate of how the mineral actually occurs in nature in real foods. To metabolise zinc you need B-6 but the problem with taking much B-6 late at night is that it can induce such vivid dreams that it will disturb your sleep. See my Natural Antibiotics and Immune Boost Doc, which are available free from my self-help pages on my website.MagnesiumNumerous studies have demonstrated magnesium to possess a hypnotic or sleep-benefiting effect.

So fish oil may benefit insomnia (sleep quality and quantity) but not sleep rhythm disorders. As your body temperature cools down it acts as an additional signal telling the body to sleep.

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