In the wake of Mexico winning the Olympic gold medal last summer, most soccer observers had big plans for Mexico thanks in part to its economically robust domestic league and strong youth programs.
Much like the United States has relied on Clint Dempsey for goals, Mexico is leaning heavily on Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez. And because of that both the United States and Mexico have their work cut out for them on their way to Brazil, much to the consternation of fans on both sides of the Rio Grande.

Five days later Mexico faces Italy in Rio for the first group game of the Confederations Cup. Chicharito has tallied all four of Mexico’s goals from open play in 2013, including a brace last Friday vs. Mexico seems caught between ushering in all the new faces who excelled at FIFA under-age tournaments, or using its old guard of tested players to get through qualifying.

If anything, the early qualifying struggles by both Mexico and the United States show how much better the rest of CONCACAF has gotten, in particular the strength of Honduras in this cycle.

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