Narcolepsy is a common sleeping disorder; while it is a lifelong condition certain narcolepsy treatment is available to help people cope with the disorder. The first step to find the perfect narcolepsy treatment is to identify the various narcolepsy symptoms.
Someone with narcolepsy can fall asleep abruptly anywhere like this man in the office while working.
Rapid entry into REM sleep: Most narcoleptics tend to enter into the dream stage of sleep as soon as they are asleep. Identification of the symptoms will allow for easy narcolepsy diagnosis and narcolepsy treatment. Your doctor must diagnose narcolepsy correctly and then suggest a proper narcolepsy treatment based on the different narcolepsy symptoms. Various symptoms of this disorder can be caused due to a variety of other conditions and diseases thus making narcolepsy diagnosis extremely hard. Once all the symptoms are shared, if the doctor thinks one is suffering from narcolepsy he or she will suggest a sleep test.
Once these tests are done, it will allow for easy narcolepsy diagnosis and subsequent narcolepsy treatment. Currently counselling, medication and lifestyle changes are used in combination as a narcolepsy treatment.
Narcoleptics must avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine in all forms since they tend to interfere with one’s ability to sleep properly. Regular exercise, since it will cause one to be alert during the day and sleep during the night. Stimulants: Stimulants that promote wakefulness and alertness are usually prescribed to narcoleptics. Sleeping at awkward times and places may be embarrassing or even cause depression, thus it is a must to join support groups and regularly visit a psychologist for professional counselling and help.
When the above treatments are used in unison, it creates a powerful narcolepsy treatment which will allow narcoleptics to live a happy and relatively normal life.
The National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke suggests that a number of factors contribute to narcolepsy and its symptoms, since it is a neurological disease.
In order to understand developments in narcolepsy brain research, it helps to understand hypocretin and HLA, as well as how they may possibly contribute to the sleep disorder. The occurrence of mutations in the hypocretin gene (chromosome 12) is rare in humans but many narcoleptic brains have fewer neurons that produce hypocretin.
HLA testing is not used to diagnose narcolepsy because the variants can be present in individuals who do not have the condition.
While these factors may not cause the condition, they can play a significant part in the development of the sleep disorder.

Research to determine the possible causes and the best treatments for narcolepsy is still in its early stages. Most narcoleptics tend to have the sleep attacks during the daytime, causing their brains to send the wrong signals thereby causing one to sleep at odd times and places.
Sometimes narcoleptics experience vivid and at times frightening visual and auditory sensations in short hallucinations. This sometimes causes doctors to diagnose narcoleptics with insomnia, since usually this is the only symptom which is seen. Often, narcolepsy remains undiagnosed for many years due to the lack of symptoms or misdiagnosis. In short narcoleptics must take a few pre planned naps for up to 20 minutes every day to ensure not sleep at awkward times. Quite an extensive and well made article for narcolepsy treatment and all relevant information. Though the causes of narcolepsy are unknown, research has uncovered other valuable information about the condition. Findings show that people who have alleles (variant forms of the genes) are predisposed to having narcolepsy. Human leukocyte antigens may make some people susceptible to narcolepsy, but it is not a reliable indicator in all cases. The Society for Neuroscience outlines fascinating information about research, including narcolepsy in animals. Researchers discovered that Doberman pinschers can be narcoleptic, making them a focus of study.
Science Daily offers a summary of Longstreth's narcolepsy brain and environmental theories.
This causes people who suffer from this condition to sleep at inappropriate places and times. Using the results the doctor will determine if one has symptoms of narcolepsy such as entering REM sleep early, if one wakes up at odd times in the night. Some narcoleptic dogs would suddenly fall asleep for no reason, or exhibit cataplexy, a sudden loss of muscle tone.
Famous people with narcolepsy may bring more attention to the condition, including brain research.
Narcolepsy brain research seeks to discover possible causes and cures for the sleep disorder.

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