One study conducted a large scale review of other research in regards to multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders and epileptic seizures. Patient TestimonialsWelcome to the Noran Clinic BlogThe staff was friendly and very accommodating and the doctor listens and does a great job.
Sleep Review's webinar "Insourcing Versus Outsourcing Home Sleep Testing" is now available for on-demand viewing. Kessler Foundation’s Lauren Strober, PhD, explores the association of secondary fatigue and sleep disturbances in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Review of the pertinent literature showed that sleep may be the dominant factor in fatigue in MS. Strober is the recipient of a Mentored Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Career Development Award (K23) from the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Research, which is part of the Eunice Kennedy Shrive National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Multiple studies have shown higher prevalence of other co-morbid disorders in those with multiple sclerosis, including sleep disorders and epileptic seizures. This was also the finding in Strober’s study of 107 employed individuals with MS of whom 61% reported poor sleep.

Sleep disturbances accounted for 25% of the variance in fatigue in this subset; depression accounted for another 7%. Strober is a senior research scientist in Neuropsychology & Neuroscience Research at Kessler Foundation, and an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

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