Over the past 10 years however, multiple snoring mouthpieces have come on the market which are less expensive and allow you to custom fit them yourself without the assistance of a dentist. Good Morning Snore SolutionThe Good Morning Snore Solution is a new anti snoring product that works differently than other mouthpieces. RipsnoreRipsnore is one of the oldest anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market that works by holding your lower jaw forward, which moves the tongue away from the back of airway. In the past the only option would be to visit your dentist and have them specially create a mandibular advancement splint (snoring mouthpiece) for you to wear. While dental appliances tend to work better more often, there are still some quality mouthpieces being made at the fraction of the price.

It fits on both your upper and lower teeth, while allowing your mouth to move naturally and keeping your lower jaw forward. It is designed to pull the tongue forward, creating airways that are unblocked and allow air to flow freely. It works to keep airflow through your mouth or nose and can easily be adjusted for comfort.
This no frills mouthpiece does what it is designed to do, keep your lower jaw in a forward position.
It includes both an upper and lower mouthpiece that work together to keep your lower jaw forward and promote optimum airflow.

This allows your airway to be unobstructed and air to flow through your mouth without the loud snoring sounds.

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