Many have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, even if you had enough time in your day to get in 8 or more hours of rest, many have difficulty  falling asleep or wake up many times throughout the night.
When you think about going back to what’s natural, hundreds of years ago we weren’t staying up late at night with artificial light, using laptops, or watching TV before bed,  instead the human body used daylight to determine when it was time to sleep and when it was time to wake up.  When this timing is altered it can result in the disruption of the circadian rhythm. With just a few simple changes you will be able to naturally increase melatonin which will help you get a good night’s sleep.
The production of melatonin can easily be affected by environmental factors including, using artificial light and stress, which make it more difficult to fall asleep. With the number of people who use cell phones, watch TV or use their laptop right before going to sleep, it’s no surprise that so many are low in melatonin and would benefit from increasing it. Melatonin is also a potent antioxidant, it decreases your bodies level of oxidative stress and reduces inflammation.
Research has shown that exposure to artificial light at nighttime inhibits the production of melatonin. However, melatonin is most affected by “blue” light, which is emitted from cell phones, computer screens, and TVs.
Whether you check your phone for a minute before you go to bed or watch TV for a few hours, studies show the effect is the same and your body’s melatonin pump won’t turn back on when you turn your devices off.

There are also other factors that can influence melatonin production, including high  levels of stress and eating foods with caffeine. With these simple tips you can naturally increase melatonin and should be able to get a better night’s sleep. You are correct that to have good melatonin production, we have to sleep in complete darkness and avoid artificial lights (such as your computer screen too late at night).
Melatonin supplement might be okay if you really need it, and if you already tried all the natural remedy without success.
Supplementing melatonin isn’t good for everyone and I think it needs a big caution sign on the label. I’ve found that by far the best melatonin booster is twenty minutes out in the sun as early in the morning as possible.
I am going to try to change my ways to boost my melatonin naturally, because I am not sure it’s OK to take a melatonin supplement along with my CCB. Melatonin levels can be affected very easily and can drop off due to environmental factors, such as sleeping with bright lights on. Melatonin production is what allows the body to relax and triggers sleepiness at night, the level decreases in the early morning.

The hormone melatonin has been shown to increase the immune system and have anti-cancer benefits. Sleep in Darkness – Completely pitch black would be best, make sure to cover alarm clocks or any small lights on electronic devices, and use blackout window curtains. However, give the natural ways a try first to see if you can eliminate what may be causing low melatonin. Also, I found out that the blood pressure medication I take (calcium channel blocker) decreases melatonin. I saw a great difference just from darkening the room earlier at night and sleeping in complete darkness. Studies have shown that melatonin helps individuals fall asleep quicker, remain asleep, and prevent fatigue during the day.

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