As people get older, their bodies produce less melatonin, causing them to have problems sleeping.
For these various cases of insomnia, research proves that melatonin can relieve general symptoms of sleeplessness.  But because of the fact that there are many possible side effects of melatonin supplementation, it’s best to take the hormone as a patient under a doctor’s care, including when used as sleep therapy.
When added to anti-cancer drugs, melatonin has been proven to improve the rates of survival of men with metastatic prostate cancer.
The improved amount of deep restorative sleep provided by melatonin can have anti-aging effects on the body. Experimental research provides strong evidence that low levels of melatonin lead to relief of both depression and seasonal affective disorder.

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease can improve their quality of sleep and possibly slow the damaging effects of the disease. There are many factors to consider with regards to taking melatonin supplements.  For instance, they aren’t advisable for a woman who is trying to get pregnant or for a child or adult under the age of 20, unless it’s under the care of a doctor. While not as common, there are other side effects of melatonin supplementation.  For instance, in one medical study among men it was found that melatonin causes sperm concentrations to be decreased, and the motility rate also declines significantly. Anyone who has diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, liver disease, depression, or immune system disorder should only take supplements under a doctor’s care because of serious possible side effects of melatonin. Additionally, alcohol consumption should be limited because it could increase the risk of worsened side effects of melatonin.

Special precaution should be taken not to drive or operate heavy machinery after taking supplements since sleepiness is one of the side effects of melatonin. Benefits of Taking Power Nap A Good Night’s Sleep May Improve Memory in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease How to set up a sensory friendly sleep room for autistic kids Top 17 Tips to Fall Asleep Drug Free Workaholics and Shift Work Sleep Disordercordy: powerful stuff!

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