Although not specifically recommended, the use of melatonin for hair loss is generally not considered harmful. Because thinning of the hair may be caused by any number of conditions, use of melatonin for hair loss may not be effective at all in some instances.
One study has been conducted as of the time of this writing which indicated that using melatonin may reduce hair thinning, but more research is needed to determine exactly how effective this treatment may be.

Doctors usually do not recommend the use of melatonin for this purpose, although it is available as a dietary supplement sold over the counter. There are other health conditions which may be treated with melatonin, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and irritable bowel syndrome. More recently research has been done on the benefits of melatonin for hair loss, but more studies need to be conducted in order to determine if it is a viable treatment option.

Consumers should not attempt to treat any medication with over the counter melatonin, or any supplements, without first speaking with a health care professional.

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