Due to an amazing line up of beneficial therapeutic properties, lavender oil can be used in the following ways. If you feel an anxiety attack coming up, just open your bottle of lavender essential oil and smell it for about 10 seconds. Rosemary and lavender essential oil boost blood circulation to scalp, eliminate blockages and promote hair growth. Lavender oil has rubefacient property, that's why it reduces redness caused by inflammation. For arthritis pain , say in the knees, one can get extended relief by applying a cold wrap instead of just a compress.
Lavender oil can be used in a bath, as aromatherapy, in the vaporizer and in creams and lotions. Relaxes the nervous system - Lavender oil can slow down the nervous system, thus making a person feel anything slowly. Motion sickness - Lavender aroma helps to calm motion sickness, or even any other kind of vomiting.

This stems from the fact that lavender is very popular as a herb in many parts of the world.
The volatile compounds from lavender enter into the system and provide relief from anxiety. Along with rosemary oil, and a few other oils, it is one of the select few which have been identified to promote hair growth[2]. One can easily get lavender soaps, lavender hand wash, lavender oil shampoo, potpourris, incense sticks, chimes and many other products containing lavender oil.
Lavender essential oil is a marvellous oil which has a plethora of uses for personal and home use.
There is another variety of lavender oil obtained from a specific species called lavendula latifolia ( Spike Lavender ). People who are prone to anxiety can keep the vial of lavender oil in their purse and just sniff it whenever they feel the need. Make sure your do a patch test on healthy skin, as lavender oil can be irritating to some people.

Lavender is still cultivated primarily for its essential oil which has such an immense therapeutical value. Although many food products contain lavender as flavoring agent, but drinking an essential oil can be very dangerous.
People who suffer from insomnia use it on their pillows to bring sleep, and this too has come from the traditional remedy of keeping lavender flowers by the bed side for better sleep. This works great for pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arthritic pain , gouty pain in any joint, abdominal pain and even headache.

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