The Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) at the University of Minnesota conducted a study on the impact of changing school start times on academic performance, behavior and safety in urban and suburban schools (Wahlstrom, 2002). Gaining an average of about one hour of sleep per night, since their bed times stayed the same even after the start time change. Being able to complete more of their homework during school hours, because they were more alert and efficient during the day. Improved academics and attendance, along with fewer teen car crashes, are among the benefits cited in a recent study on later high school start times.

While the evidence may support a movement to start high school later, adjusting school schedules can be a logistical nightmare for administrators. Students attending various institutions all over America wake up before the crack of dawn, five days a week, just to get to school as the sun rises. Researchers noted that it was difficult to assess changes in grades due to differences in school schedules, course names, grading policies, student transience, and the subjective nature of grading by teachers. On the basis of that information, in 1997 the seven comprehensive high schools in the Minneapolis Public School District shifted the school start time from 7:15 a.

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