As in the case of some jaw advancing devices, the solution may work for some but it may also cause additional complications. The FDA has approved a variety of materials that have been verified to be safe for their intended use. Some other things to look for are a guarantee, a BBB record, and FDA approval of the device itself.
There are people who choose to have surgery for sleep apnea, but still, there are not many evidences available to show that surgical treatments work to reduce the complications it has as well as controlling the symptoms of this health condition. It is known to be themost painful treatment and complications include infection, impaired function of the muscles of the throat and in the soft palate, voice frequency changes, mucus in the throat, problems in swallowing, sense of impaired smell, fluids are regurgitated through the mouth or nose, failure as well as recurrence of sleep apnea. It has a number of psychological and medical problems with regards to its side effects after the surgery. Side effects and complications include respiratory sickness, and it is also associated with heart complications, severe sleep apnea, obesity, failure to thrive, lung infections, prematurity, neuromuscular disease and certain facial structures.
Noisy breathing during sleeping has been believed to be a nuisance and one of the most intolerable of human habits; this is what we call snoring. Sleep apnea may be prevented through different non-surgical treatments but if these treatments fail, surgery is recommended.
Once you have proof of the symptoms mentioned earlier, you will want to talk to your doctor right away about having the sleep apnea test to confirm the condition.

Corrective jaw surgery is essential when growth deformities of jaws are visibly apparent to the patient or parents. The best results achieved through jaw reconstructive surgery occur when the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon works with the patient’s orthodontist and other specialists. However, since this class of devices is still relatively new it is important to make sure that any of them being considered have been around for at least a few years. Before choosing to have the surgery, it is best to know all the other options that are available first that are more non-invasive and natural. Epidemiological studies show that 50% of snores are not just any simple snoring but have relatively some uncontrolled sleep disruption. The surgery straightens the cartilage partition that divides the nostrils and reduces the size of turbinate.
CPAP is the most reliable and common way of treating sleep apnea but some patients find it uncomfortable. Your surgeon will make an opening in your neck and insert an apparatus which is metal or plastic tube to breathe.
If your condition is not complicated, the treatment can be done in a less invasive way in a sleep center or even just in your own home. Corrective jaw surgery undeniably enhances chewing function, enhances the stability of orthodontic treatment and enhances the patient’s quality of life.

Although for something to be a clinical success it only needs a 50% success rate, top solutions typically lay claim to an 80% success rate or higher. Lee has specialized in corrective jaw surgery for over 30 years and is considered one of the leaders of Jaw Reconstructive Surgery in the region. Some businesses have been known to take advantage of consumers by making it impossible to get a refund or by charging them repeatedly for the same product.
Moreover, it may be a part of a symptom indicating a disease of sleep-disordered breathing. Studies show that apnea occurs when there is 4% drop of oxygen in the blood, a direct result of the decrease in the transfer of oxygen in the blood when breathing stops. These growth deformities can lead to life threatening conditions in the form of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He is respected by other Orthognathic Surgeons as well as notable Orthodontists, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, Sleep Medicine Physicians and Otolaryngologists.
Jaw reconstructive surgery can ultimately improve a patient’s airway, their bite and chewing function as well as facial aesthetics.

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