Meditation techniques to relieve insomnia are gaining attention and approval from the medical profession. Those of us who meditation regularly, know that treating sleeplessness and sleep problems with meditation can be highly effective. How meditation works for those of us who have insomnia is that it helps to stop the thinking that can prolong the episode of sleeplessness by allowing the mind to settle.
As we become familiar with meditation practice, it’s important to apply our practice to as many different situations as possible, sharpening our ability to practice under less than perfect circumstances. After you’ve settled down, begin your meditation practice and continue until you fall asleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, like I do, begin meditation practice immediately. Find a focal point for the meditation, a word or phrase of your choice that can be said over and over in the mind and creates calm rather than stress. A meditation teacher that specializes in guided imagery, or a CD player with a guided imagery recording, will guide the person through relaxation exercises and visualization. We will contact you with additional articles, and maybe even a free guided meditation for insomnia.
I’ve just recently begun having problems with insomnia but I am afraid to take sleeping pills.

Insomnia has reached epic numbers in the US and many people are using drugs daily to help alleviate this. The more I read your blog the more I realize how important meditation is in shaping our mental, emotional and physical health. Amanda… your idea to meet insomnia with meditation head on (ha ha) is a wonderful idea. My doctors had me try many different techniques over an extended period of time and nothing worked. I agree totally, meditation allows all things to come to awareness and in turn be dealt with or allowed to change our perceptions of what IS. When selecting meditation positions there are various things to take into account, and thought should be taken as to the level of comfort you will have whilst meditating and how long you can maintain the meditation position in comfort. When meditating having a suitable meditation space within which you have all the things you need to have a space conducive to meditating in comfort is a good idea, most items are easily available in the UK, US and most of the rest of the world. In the same way, if we wait until we’re bug-eyed awake during the middle of the night, trying to practice at that point might be ineffective at best. So, begin practicing meditation during your waking hours. There are some relaxing stretches that can be done in bed that can help in easing insomnia. I’ve heard other insomnia sufferers say that the worry about sleeplessness can be as bad as the actual event of not sleeping.

But if this doesn’t happen, then do what you did at bedtime; practice meditating until you fall asleep or until 30 minutes have passed. I never would have thought about it being too late once the person is in the midst of the insomniac struggle.
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This hand pose aids focus when used as with your meditation position, other factors it is said to help with are: Mental Peace, Concentration, Sharp Memory, Spirituality, Insomnia, Mental Disorders, Stress, Depression, Drowsiness, Develops telepathic abilities, Developes clairvoyant and extra-sensory abilities. This hand pose aids you to bring balance into your mind, body, spirit and heart when used in your meditation position.
Much fabled and seen through iconic images and in places of spiritual congregation, this hand position aids you to achieve a greater link with spirit when used within your meditation position. Useful in your meditation position when needing to reconnect with the earthly plane and bring yourself down to earth, also useful for grounding your energy if unable to channel high levels of energy more effectively.

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