Researchers have found acupuncture to be significantly more effective than sleep aids, like drugs, benzodiazepines, no treatment, or sham acupuncture and could be considered as one of the therapeutic options for insomnia. Addressing lifestyle choices affecting your insomnia in addition to a course of acupuncture treatment provides a powerful combination to get you a good night’s sleep!
Research has demonstrated acupuncture’s effectiveness as an alternative solution to insomnia that should be considered for those seeking to avoid medication or for whom medication has been ineffective.

Chronic insomnia is defined as having difficulty sleeping at least three nights per week for a month or longer.
Unlike sleeping pills which are effective treatment for insomnia in the near term but may leave you drowsy the next day – a few weeks of acupuncture treatment helps your sleep cycle regulate itself. Even counting sheep is more productive than worrying at bedtimeChanging your sleep environment and bedtime behaviors is one of the most effective ways to fight insomnia.

Even if you decide to use sleep medications in the short-term, experts recommend changes in lifestyle and bedtime behavior as a long-term remedy to anxiety.Natural Insomnia MedicationWe found that Melatrol is a powerful synergistic mix of the most proven and effective natural ingredients, to end your suffering once and for all.

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