Even though a direct relationship between acne and diet was denied by many studies in the past, more recent research indicate exacerbation of acne by hyperglycemic diet and high intake of milk products.
What causes acne to occur: A common myth regarding acne is that it is caused due to unclean skin conditions. However, the fact cannot be denied that unhealthy and unhygienic skin conditions can aggravate the acne problem and make the situation worse. Today, I will tell you about how to maintain skin hygiene and keep the acne breakout under control. Well, to sum up, these few rules have helped me a lot and once you find that these rules are helping you as well, stick to it and you will enjoy healthy skin for a lifetime. Importance of diet in prevention and maintenance treatment of acne patients has gained substantial consideration in our guidlines.

Use a mild medicated soap (consult your dermatologist for the best-medicated soap according to your skin type) to remove the excess oil from your skin. Unclean hair and dandruff aggravates the occurrence of acne because of which acne is mostly seen in the forehead areas, just below the hairline. However, if you are suffering from severe acne problems, I suggest you to try this after the problem subsides.
Your hand contains lots of unseen bacteria which can cause acne once they come in contact with the skin. Recent studies indicate that smoking by attenuation of oxidative stress and accumulation of lipid peroxides within comedones aggrave acne. The oil content of the skin released through the sebaceous glands commonly known as sebum increases mostly during hormonal changes leading to the occurrence of acne and pimples.

This is the reason acne is a common problem for the teenagers, post pregnancy and also during menstruation. Pollution, heat and skin allergies due to some cosmetics can also be some reason for the occurrence of acne.

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