If you're pregnant with twins and you're experiencing sleeping problems, you're probably trying to figure out why your normal positions are so uncomfortable, and if there's a best way to sleep while pregnant with twins. While most pregnant women experience some discomfort in their normal sleeping positions, the problem is only exacerbated in twin pregnancies.
If you are a stomach sleeper, you will have to retrain yourself, for obvious reasons, to sleep in a different position as your pregnancy develops.
Healthcare professionals refer to the sleeping position most likely to give you some relief from discomfort during a twin pregnancy as 'SOS', or sleep on side.
Elevating your upper body with pillows can help alleviate breathing problems associated both with hormone changes during pregnancy and pressure from the uterus on the lungs.
Although it is not advised to gain weight before you become pregnant, women who have a BMI that is larger than 30 have seen an increase in the chance of becoming pregnant with twins.
Women who are over the age of 45 have been shown to have and 20% greater chance of having twins over women who are younger.
For centuries the Yoruba tribe in West Africa has been famous for the amount of twins that are born within the tribe. While this may seem counterproductive, occasionally taking the birth control pill can increase your chances of hyper-ovulation, which can lead to becoming pregnant with twins.
There are many reasons that a couple may be interested in having twins rather than one single child. Fortunately, experts do recommend some sleeping positions that should lessen your discomfort. Sleep discomfort can arises from back pain, constipation, heartburn, and breathing problems associated with the increasing size of the fetuses.

It's recommended that you change your sleeping position as soon as possible, rather than wait for when it's necessary, so that you can get used to the new position before it's absolutely necessary.
Sleeping on your side, with a pregnancy wedge-shaped cushion bearing the weight, reduces the burden on your body. While your chances of becoming pregnant with twins may be difficult to determine, there are still some things that you can try that has the ability to increase your chances of becoming pregnant with twins.
If you have had a family member that has twins, it is more likely that you will have twins of your own. You should keep in mind that weight affects your ability to conceive and that you may also have a greater risk of having pregnancy complications as well as birth defects in the baby.
Like additional weight, however, it is more difficult to become pregnant when you’re older and if you were to wait you may find that you are unable to become pregnant at all by this point your life. In fact, there are more twins born within the Yoruba tribe than anywhere else in the world. This is a method that you can try to help you hyperovulate and become pregnant with twins, but it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain fertility drugs if you are not having a medical reason have them.
It has been shown that the more children you have the more likely it is to have twins at one time or another. Even though the birth control pill is fairly successful in preventing pregnancies, women who do become pregnant while taking the birth control pill are more likely to become pregnant with twins. If you sleep on your back, you'll probably be able to continue your normal sleeping position for longer, but as the fetuses develop, you will ultimately have to give up this position too, as it can lead to backaches, breathing problems, low blood pressure, and digestive problems because of the weight of the uterus on the digestive tract and major blood vessels. Keep in mind, that there is no guarantee that you will be able to become pregnant with twins and that most of the time it is up to chance.

However, it is more likely that you will have fraternal twins if you have the gene for hyperovulation. For this reason, scientists have studied this area and finally narrowed down the cause of the increase of twins.
Since there is no guarantee that you will have twins, it is difficult to say exactly how many children should have before you can expect to have a set of twins of your own.
However, although you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant with twins, they are still difficult to come by and you will not be able to raise your chances but by a handful of percentage.
You should also keep in mind that having twins in your family does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to become pregnant with twins. Typically, couples have less than a 20% chance of becoming pregnant with twins even with increased odds. Sleeping on the left side can also help improve circulation and blood flow to all the other major organs and to the placenta(s).
Recent research also found that sleeping on your left side may reduce the risk of stillbirth.

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