I purchased it for $29 ($32 with shipping and handling)-- way less than Eyelash extensions and more economical than the strips because I will be able to use this product for a couple of months until it runs out. According to Jenny Milkowski, a broadcasting colleague,  who's been using the product longer than I have she states on Facebook: "The only thing you have to worry about is sometimes applying it so that the lashes look too spidery. How a happily married father of four, 12-year colon cancer survivor, 20-time marathoner, follower of Jesus observes life.

The most popular trend today, outside of having a big bottom and small waist like Kim Kardashian, is long lashes. If you're a beauty enthusiast like myself you've more than likely tried all of the tricks to try and get longer lashes.

Enuresis sleep study
Throat exercises possible cure for sleep apnea

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