We all know how hard it is to drive at night and the amount of concentration it takes, plus the numerous cups of coffee one needs to drink. Understand that if you are drowsy, even if you manage to stay awake, your reaction time and your judgment is impaired.
If used as recommended, the CDFF will keep you from falling asleep at the wheel, make you more alert while driving, and allow you to get safely home or to the next rest stop where you can stop and get sleep.

Well, for example if you are tired and your head falls below a certain angle, the DriveSafe app will sound an alarm through a conductive bone speaker and jolt you awake. Although you should never drive when you are sleepy, there is now a device on the market, the Cold Diffusion Fatigue Fighter (CDFF), that won't let you fall asleep while driving. Unlike devices that startle you awake when you start to fall asleep at the wheel (risky in many ways), the CDFF keeps you awake and increases alertness.

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