When you get the box it’s roughly the size of a small toaster.  Though, unlike that gift – this is far cooler.
Also – the one thing that I noticed when I first started using it was how clean and simple everything was – very Apple-like.  It wasn’t until just now writing this that I realized why…they took and followed many of the same design principals from many of the Apple products you know and love. In addition, you can pull up the graph of your night’s sleep and then advance five-minutes at a time through the entire night should you feel the desire to do that much button pressing. While at first glance the Sleep History section may seem similar to the Sleep Info section, it actually offers a lot more historical detail than the Sleep Info.  While the previous Sleep Info section is mostly about last night, the Sleep History section is about everything to date.
Aside from the swanky Target music, the coolest options here are both the ability to upgrade the firmware over time, but also to allow you to see how much life is left in the sensor pads. It only takes a mere moment to change the time.  But it’s also important to ensure you do have the correct time set – since aside from alarm clock notices, it will also dictate what shows up later on the website as it graphs your night’s sleep. But, you can also lose points – for example, the number of times you woke up and how long you were awake can ding you.  I don’t know though if you lose points for sleep walking – heck, you should get props for it if you can knock out some training or chores while there.

Unlike most other fitness gadgets out there, this part is dead simple.  The Zeo doesn’t use any fancy desktop installed software or agents, rather, you just stick the SD card in your computer (or the provided adapter) and then choose the single file sitting on the SD card using the site.
It offers both a nightly timeline view – and a simple pie chart.  On the sides you have the key numbers such as total time sleeping and the time you started to attempt to sleep, along with the time you woke up and indicators of how you felt.
The app features a couple of basic areas, including the ability to look at individual night’s of sleep, as well as the ability to look at trends and overviews of some of the bigger key metrics.  I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots and placed them in a gallery below.
Given they’re fairly new, the number of folks partnering with them is still pretty small.  However, I’m fairly certain that will grow. Now, the really really really cool stuff comes when you start to go under the covers with the Zeo (no, not like that!  I mean in a technical sense).  I’m going to cover all of this awesome stuff in a future post shortly, but here’s a teaser. If you crack open the back of the Zeo unit, you’ll see a mysterious little data access port.  With the right USB or Serial cable, you can start talking to the Zeo in realtime and get streaming data. Given my blog is endurance athletic focused, perhaps the coolest thing here is all of the athletes using it to better understand their training.  For example, the guys on Team Radioshack now use them to specify training levels day by day by watching Deep and REM sleep (I’m going to be putting together a post with the Team RadioShack doctor, Dr.

Hopefully you found this review useful.  At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device.
But, because your sleep state is constantly oscillating – it can aim to wake you up at the best possible point within 30 minutes of your alarm time (never after that time though).
Lim talked about how essentially by watching sleep you can create a power meter for the brain.  Here’s the YouTube clip on it to hear more. That being said you could share your Zeo with your spouse, as long as you use it on different nights.

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