On the outside, the prank product looks just like an ordinary white greeting card, with a photograph of a cute sleeping infant and the words 'A baby is God's sweetest gift' in calligraphy. WE NEED to teach our girls to take pride in their amazing bodies and teach them that they are so much more than objects, they are very high tech machines built they way they are for a very specific reason. At that time I hated Jesus, but I respected that boy’s loyalty to his Saviour, and, when I saw how he loved and trusted Him to the last, there was something that touched my heart, and I did for that boy what I have never done for any other soldier—I asked him if he wished to see his chaplain.
They kept ringing in my ears, but, being in the company of worldly officers, I gradually forgot the sermon Charlie preached in his dying hour; but I could never forget his wonderful patience under acute suffering, and his simple trust in that Jesus whose name to me at that time was a byword and a reproach.
For my part I did not think at that time the wrong was in my heart, although I could not account for my erratic movement. Being a passionate lover of music, this attracted my attention, and I made it my excuse for seeking to visit the church during the revival service that night.
I at once came to the conclusion that I was the only Jew in the place, and heartily wished myself out of the building, for I felt I had got into bad company. At the same time my two children were sent for by their grandparents, and told that they must never call me father again; that I, in praying to Jesus, the “Impostor,” was fully as bad and as mean as He was. I felt that if she would but read one of my letters (for Christ was preached in every one of them), she would consider what she had said and done before I had left home.
My daughter was the younger of my two children, and generally considered her father’s pet, and, after my conversion to Christ, a duty to her mother on one hand, and her love for her father on the other, kept her mind in continual agitation.
I heard my wife say afterwards, that the desire of her heart was that her mother should leave the room, for she had fully made up her mind to go on her knees as I had previously done, as soon as her mother had gone. He must be prepared to forsake father, mother, and wife for the sake of the kingdom of God; for the considerations which appeal alike to his affections and to his self-interest are brought to bear upon every Jew who is suspected of looking with favor towards Christianity.

For the first time in fourteen years he called me “father;” he wept bitterly at our meeting, and, it seemed, his soul’s desire was to see his sister again. The reason it's a problem is because we should not be shamed for using our bodies for what they're designed for.
If you choose to flaunt your breasts and use them as sexual objects that's your prerogative, but don't judge me or shame me for using mine the way they were intended when I have babies to feed. Perfect for long, flowing shirts that is difficult to hold up and feed the baby at the same time.
I paid my bill, thanked the barber for his remarks, and said, “I must catch the next train.” He, however, was not yet satisfied. I started to walk faster, fully determined that if there was a reality in the religion of Jesus Christ, I would know something before I slept. I was now on my knees praying for the first time in my life, and my mind was much agitated and in doubt as to the wisdom of my proceedings. My heart ached, for I had a sincere desire to become acquainted with Christ if He was the Messiah. She, however, sent me a message by a neighbor to the effect that so long as I called Jesus Christ my Saviour, I should not call her my wife, for she would not live with me. Last night      at nineteen minutes past eleven, while on my      knees for the first time in my life, the Lord      Jesus converted my soul.”      After reading that telegram, I felt for a moment as if I did not care a cent for the government under which I served. This, however, has called forth more fervent prayer on his behalf, that he also may be emancipated from the thralldom of Jewish prejudice, and in Jesus, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.” A fourth visit to Germany in July, 1887, has strengthened and confirmed my faith, for my son not only consented to see me, but shed bitter tears on the remembrance of the past, and at once declared his determination to see his dear sister in America. My heart leaped with joy to hear this, for I knew with his sister (a devoted Christian in America), he would be in good hands.

I think it's good for them because maybe they won't make such a big deal out of boobs as they grow up.
I was charmed with the beautiful singing; but the speaker had not been talking more than five minutes before I came to the conclusion that some one must have been informing him who I was, for I thought he pointed his finger at me. I did not expect to receive such a message from my wife, for I loved her and my children dearly, and it was with a sad heart, therefore, that I left home that morning to travel thirteen hundred miles to my sphere of duty, without being able to see my wife and children. I felt like the Psalmist when he wrote, “Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul.” This hope, so far as my mother was concerned, was destined to be bitterly disappointed for she wrote me but one letter (if a curse can be called a letter), prolonged silence awakening within me a suspicion that if she did write at all, it would be to send me that curse which every Jew must expect from his nearest relations when he embraces Christianity. When you entered my shop, I saw by your face that you were a Jew.”      He still continued to talk to me about his “dear Saviour,” and said he felt it his duty, whenever he came in contact with a Jew, to try to introduce him to the One whom he felt was his best Friend, both for this world and the world to come.
Thinking my wife to be very ill, she administered some simple home remedies, as mothers frequently do. My house at that time being well known there, especially amongst the Jews (for I frequently sang in the synagogue), I did not wish to create a sensation, and so I telegraphed to my wife not to meet me at the station, for I would take a carriage on my arrival at Washington and drive quietly home. No sooner had I realized this, than, for the last time that night, I fell on my knees; but this time my doubts were gone, and I began to praise God, for a joy and happiness had penetrated my soul such as I had never known before.
But this was not all, for still ringing in my ears were the words of the two former preachers—the Christian barber of New York, and the drummer boy of Gettysburg—emphasizing the utterances of the evangelist, and in my mind I could plainly see those two dear friends also repeating their sermons. He came at once and prescribed a treatment for her, but his medicine likewise failed to remove the heartache of which my wife complained.

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