Quitting smoking cold turkey is actually one of the best ways to begin your journey into stopping smoking.
The good thing about stopping smoking cold turkey is that it helps you to feel your body and to understand what it will actually be like once you completely eliminate your addiction to nicotine.
Quitting smoking cold turkey may not be the best idea if you’re currently smoking one or two packs a day. One of the things that makes quitting smoking so difficult is the prevalence of cigarettes all around you.
By the end of 2009 statewide laws in 22 US states prohibited smoking in workplaces restaurants or bars. Increasing the price of tobacco has been found to be effective at reducing the prevalence of conception of smoking cigarettes. One of the absolute worst states in America with the highest smoking rates as Kentucky, were over a quarter of a deal population our current cigarette smokers. The state with the worst smoking record is West Virginia with over 26% of its adult population smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

Smoking is most prevalent in states like Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Nevada. Often times the state government will actually preempt and prevent local governments and their attempts to regulate smoking or even ban smoking at the local level.
The Center for disease control has found that while many smokers try to quit every year, and without assistance most will relapse.
I call it a journey because most of the time people who try to quit smoking do not succeed on the first or even second attempt, whether they use medication to stop or not. Believe it or not, once you quit smoking, the level of nicotine in your body is absolute zero in less than 72 hours, which means that you will have physically beaten your addiction to cigarette smoking by that point. In a state where smoking is frowned upon socially, or there have been laws enacted which prevent the easy cigarette at the bar or restaurant, you’ll find people quit much more quickly and easily. Nationally over 75% of households have reported that smoking was not allowed inside the home or indoors.
Not surprisingly these are the states with few to no smoking bans or anti-smoking laws to protect the general populace.

This goes to show that the shadowy hands of big tobacco are still at work behind-the-scenes, and with heavy lobbying efforts it makes quitting smoking that much harder for people trying to successfully kick the habit. On the bright side, the people who continue to try to quit increase their odds of successfully quitting each time that they quit, whether or not they relapse.
And most people report that their final successful attempt at quitting smoking is usually unassisted, hence (insert turkey sound here) freeom from nicotine addiction is just ready to be gobbled up as long as you never quit trying to stop smoking! But if you smoke less than a half a pack a day, you are the perfect candidate for the cold turkey quit smoking method.

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