Researchers have shown just 45 minutes of relaxing music before bedtime can make for a restful night. The Taiwanese researchers studied the sleeping patterns of 60 elderly people with sleep problems. I myself is suffering from insomia, at first, I didn't realize that I was, or maybe I wouldn't admit it, but I'd stay up so late and even if I want to, and my body tired, I still couldn't shut my eyes and have the rest that I want, but still I have to go to work early the next day feeling exhausted because of lack of sleep. You know what, your articles kinda remind me that indeed the best sleep I had was when I was near nature, the beach, or those times when we go hiking and set a camp for an overnight stay.

So I believe and agree with you, music does really helps people to relax and be in a more restful state, and we need that, especially with our busy city life nowadays, so I will try your advice =). The study participants were either given a choice of music to listen to before going to sleep or nothing at all.
The music group were able to choose from six tapes that featured soft, slow music - around 60-80 beats per minute - such as jazz, folk or orchestral pieces. Listening to music caused physical changes that aided restful sleep, including a lower heart and respiratory rate, the researchers found.

The people in the music group reported a 35% improvement in their sleep, including better and longer night-time sleep and less dysfunction during the day.

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