There is just one thing about my husband that drives me bonkers and that I DON’T like – SNORING!!! He does use these strips that are suppose to open up his passage way to help him to stop snoring. I wouldn’t say the strips helped stop his snoring 100%, but it did make a very noticeable improvement.
My husband said the first couple of nights it felt very weird wearing the Theravent strips on the front of his nose. I was sceptical but eventually tried these for the first time recently and have worn one every night since.

Theravent offers a proven solution for patients whose snoring is affecting the quality of their and their partners’ sleep. At first my husband was not keen on the idea because he worried he wouldn’t be able to breath through them. It was nice not to have to try and wake him up enough to roll over every night to get him to stop snoring. Theravent uses patented MicroValve Technology, previously only available with a prescription, to target and treat snoring. It was nice to be able to watch TV until I was tired WITHOUT putting the volume up to full blast to be able to hear over his snoring.

There was one other night when he snored for a few minutes (while wearing the Theravent strip) but then stopped a few minutes later. During exhalation, the MicroValves partially close, which increases expiratory pressure and keeps the airway open, preventing snoring.

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