Probably the most obvious point, but getting a good night sleep can make the world of a difference in terms of your functionality and productivity.
Getting the right amount of sleep can also improve your mental health, creativity and weight control. It might be hard to suddenly get up hours earlier, but if you set your alarm 10 minutes earlier every day, it’s going to be less of a shock to your body. A lack of sleep will make you irritable and leave you more stressed out that you already are. Make sure not to drink any caffeinated drink after 7pm, avoid doing any vigorous exercise too late at night and try not to sleep in a bedroom that contains any electronic devices with lights.

Sleeping patterns are difficult to change, but using the gradual technique seems to work best. Another tip is to sleep with the curtains half-opened; the next morning your body will perceive the morning sunlight and will naturally stop producing melatonin, making sure you wake up naturally. Getting the required 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night and keeping to a good sleeping routine has been proven to sharpen your attention, improve your mood and your memory. Backlit desktops or tablet computers will lesson melatonin production (the ‘sleepy’ chemical produced in the brain) and will make it more difficult for you to sleep at night. Waking earlier than what you are used to can give you that extra time for focus and creativity.

Websites or entertaining programs can stimulate your mind and make it harder for you to sleep.

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