If you're going to be supporting app development on Android (and you should), you might as well pay for the best content you can. The guys behind Runtastic must be really passionate about health and fitness that aside from tracking your movements, it now wants you to sleep better.
To know when you can sleep best, the app can monitor daily habits including exercise, alcohol and caffeine consumption, and stress among others. The developers of Sleep Better is also introducing the Runtastic Sleep Series--a special section where you can read more about how to optimize one's sleep.
Start by checking how fast you’re breathing using the app and your iOS device’s microphone. If you use this app regularly, you can lower the target rate progressively, helping calm yourself. All the app does is measure movements in bed, and I suspect that if you don’t sleep alone, it detects your partner’s movements as well. With these apps and recordings, you can keep your cool, sleep better, and be more relaxed, day and night—and let’s face it, we all need some extra R&R from time to time.
I started using f.lux, a free app for Windows, OS X and Linux, after an email conversation with a friend. The friend sent me back a link to f.lux, an app that automatically detects where you are and what time it is, and adjusts the light emitted by your screen accordingly. Speaking of tracking your sleep, here are three great apps that can do the job if you’re not wearing a fitness band or Apple Watch just yet. Use it as a time log, or get into the details of the comprehensive but easy-to-use sleep tracker, all with a few quick taps. Developed by neuroscientists for NASA, Sleep Genius is one of the most scientific sleep apps I’ve ever come across. Every expert will tell you that reading a lit e-reader or tapping on a tablet before bed is far from ideal for getting a great night’s sleep. If you prefer not to shell out money for yet another device like a white noise machine to add to your nightstand, the Sleep Sounds app is a safe bet for you. Bonus tip: Get comfortable enough with the poses so you know them by heart and can nix using your smart device.
We discovered the magic of sleep sound machines when we bought one for our son when he was 6 months old. To achieve that, the Runtastic Sleep Better will review and optimize sleep quality based on your Sleep Cycle and Duration Log.
Sleep Better app also features Moon Phase Tracking so you'll know how lunar cycles can influence sleep.
It's a simple way to improve sleep because admit it, it's not really easy to fall asleep these days because of all the pressures and stress in life.

A lot of sleep-related insights and information can be learned with this Sleep Better app so make sure you check it out.
In addition to the guided meditations, the app lets you set reminders, shows statistics of how long you’ve meditated, and lets you set up meditation buddies. This data doesn’t tell you much, however, and doesn’t really correspond to whether you’ve gotten a refreshing night’s sleep. Sometimes, this can happen when your alarm clock wakes you at the wrong time: when you’re in a deep sleep cycle.
You can tell the app when you wake up and go to bed, and it will give your laptop or phone a sweetly rose-tinted look at sunset, and an even deeper orange colour at bedtime.It may feel strange watching Seinfeld with a tangerine filter, but for the period of time I have been trialling it, it seems to be working.
This isn’t a kitchen sink app that will monitor your habits and record your sleep quality or moods, although you can select Movie Mode to stop your videos looking so weird, and manually adjust the colour temperature and brightness. SleepBot is also an intuitive smart alarm and movement tracker, which records your movement during the night, and gently wakes you during your lightest sleep phase.
The highly detailed metrics and neurosensory algorithms (uh, I did say this app was created for rocket scientists) aimed at finding your target bedtime are impressive. With this app, Johnson takes you through a guided mediation to help relax, clear your mind, and show insomnia the door.
Well, this app simply helps to make you fall asleep faster and easily by tracking your sleeping patterns. The app also features a Smart Alarm and Wake-Up Window to help you start the day perfectly. Runtastic’s Sleep Better (free) can monitor your sleep, and wake you up when you’re in a light sleep cycle, making those first steps in the morning a little better. Set the alarm for a specific 30-minute “wake-up window,” and it will wake you when you’re not in deep sleep. Note that Runtastic will send you lots of emails after you create an account to use this app, annoying you to buy a “gold” membership. While I don’t use these myself to get to sleep, I do find it relaxing to listen to sounds of calm waves breaking on a shore, or the rustling of leaves and chirps of birds in a forest.
I sent her an article that cited research saying that the blue light emitted by laptops and tablets tricked our bodies into thinking it was still daytime and interfered with sleep. If you’re on the same mission, check out these 7 tips, plus some nifty tech gadgets and apps designed just to help make that dream come true. The SleepBot also records sounds and logs them in your sleep history, like car alarms and snoring partners. This personalized relaxation app is quite popular, with a community of 10 million users so far. Here are four apps—and some audio recordings—that can help you do stay calm, and sleep better.

I find the whole sleep tracking thing to be dubious: there have been nights when, according to the app, my sleep was, say, 96 percent efficient, but I still felt tired when I awoke.
In one study, it says, people who read an e-reader four hours before bed released the melatonin that makes them sleepy an hour and a half later than those who read a book in the same time slot. And being consistent with your sleep-wake cycle can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Each one lasts two hours—more than enough to help you go to sleep, to listen to during your commute, or for when you want to take a break during a busy day.
Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep as it’s happening, and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase.
Sleep Better is a sleep tracking app that uses your phone's accelerometer to monitor your sleep habits and wake you up at the right time.This isn't really a new idea, but all you have to do with Sleep Better is plug in your phone at night and set it next to your pillow at night.
Plugging it in is necessary because the app wakelocks the phone so it can monitor movement with the accelerometer. It is, after all, supposed to be responding to your tossing and turning.Sleep Better can estimate from your movement when you're sleeping lightly, deeply, or just awake for short periods of time.
When you start the app, there's an option to set an alarm time, but it won't actually wake you right at that time. Sleep better waits until it detects that you're not sleeping deeply, and tries to gently rouse you from slumber with a fade-in alarm. This should, ideally, make you feel less groggy when you wake up.When you've shaken off the last remnants of sleep, there's a graph you can check out to see how well you slept (along with weather, which is a nice touch).
The graph shows yellow as light sleep, green as deep sleep, and the red peaks are times you were awake. Either before or after waking up, you can add tags to your sleep like stressful day, high caffeine consumption, worked out, and so on.
This helps you track the activities that have the most impact on your sleep.Sleep Better also matches your sleep up to phases of the moon, which allegedly has some effect. Although I feel like the the basic sleep tracking and data aggregation is the more attractive aspect. Each upgrade in the heat of battle changes the physical appearance of the towers, and the fourth upgrade lets you choose between one of two specialized tower types. There are a few in-app purchases to unlock more powerful heroes (it comes with three) and to get more gems to buy power ups. Sometimes your decisions get people killed, and that can change the course of the story.There are two basic mechanics in The Banner Saga.

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