It really depends on each individual because not everybody urinates the same number of times all throughout the day. There are different factors to consider in terms of how many times a day each person has to go pee.
This urinary system disorder is described as an urgent and sudden urge to urinate which could give a discomforted feeling to the bladder. If a person needs to frequently urinate during the night time this is termed as “nocturia.” Normally, most people can sleep for the whole 8 hours without having to go to the bathroom to urinate. But the others who have to go to the bathroom more than 2 x during the night this person could have a problem.
Plain yogurt contains probiotic called “Lactobacillus acidophilus” which prevents the growth of harmful pathogens in your bladder.

Try drinking a lot of cranberry juice all throughout the day to reduce the infection and flush out the bacteria from your urinary tract. This is an effective herbal treatment that is used to stop frequent urination by strengthening our kidneys. Besides helping in the treatment of frequent urination, it also helps boost the immune system and lowers blood sugar. This herb, which could be purchased in herbal stores, helps relax the bladder muscle.Dodder “kidney herb”. The seed of this plant is used to create capsules, tables and teas that are used to treat frequent urination.
This is a useful frequent urination remedy, this herbal treatment relaxes the bladder muscles and stop muscle spasms.Milk of magnesia.

Make sure to discuss this with your health provider for the proper dosage.The mentioned natural remedies are the best treatments out there. Make sure to consult your doctor for further information about the proper treatment for this condition.
These home remedies for frequent urination is your best bet (if advised by your doctor) to getting rid of your urinary problem.

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