The jelly spread, on the other hand, is rich in other vitamins which are also essential for your immune system.
Vivarin is an over-the-counter caffeine tablet that helps restore your mental alertness and focus. For example, you get preoccupied with trying to get the content of the sunflower seed out of its shell.
Military has researched and tested for 6 years to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths. It actually helps on how to stay awake while driving by diverting your attention away from your drowsiness, without totally compromising your safety on the road. Other options also include fruits, nuts and vegetable sticks that you can simply munch on while driving.

When blood flow is improved, more oxygen is also being delivered thus preventing you from being sleepy.
Its peanut butter spread is rich in protein that helps develop your brain and support its functions. So even if you are not that hungry yet or you don’t feel like eating, you can still grab a minty chewing gum and chew it while driving. Soldiers no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds in the field to stay alert.
The bread which is rich in complex carbohydrates gives you the energy that you need to sustain your work without actually adding too much calories on your body. It will help prevent you from dozing off and possibly encountering road crashes along your way.

Stay Alert is an effective and efficient tool for addressing problems that have caused injuries and deaths among out troops.
STAY ALERT GUM is proven to provide the most rapid absorption of caffeine through the oral membrane in the mouth, while also being the most compact, lightweight, and convenient vehicle.

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