If your child feels problem in awaking in daytime, it may be indication of serious sleep disorders like excessive daytime sleepiness. Many other common sleep problems in children may cause excessive daytime sleepiness in children.
First of all determine what causes your child this issue and after knowing that cause, you can proceed further to treatments.
Excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS is a condition where a person suffers from excessive sleepiness during his or her normal working hours and almost feels the inability to stay awake. Setting a proper sleeping habit and a schedule for waking up, can help a person to get rid of this excessive sleepiness condition during the daytime. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) - What Is It, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

In these causes you can consider sleep apnea, bed wetting, sleep walking, environmental disturbances and night terrors or nightmares. For a child’s development, excessive daytime sleepiness can result into bad performance in school, and poor learning. The condition can cause constant sleepiness or they can fall asleep at unusual places or times. Regardless of the reason, the cause of the EDS should be identified and the sleep apnea is to be excluded.
This is a very young age and if a child gets caught up in disorder like excessive daytime sleepiness, it can ruin his entire future. Hypothyroidism is a common cause among the older people though sleep apnea is not that common.

Thus, if these medications cause excessive sleepiness that affects the patient’s daily life, the doctor should be immediately consulted. So, if your child suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness; then do not take it casually, but immediately try to find the best solution to cure it.
The doctor will suggest the best solution to get your child rid of excessive daytime sleepiness.
Here you go with some solutions to reduce the effect of excessive daytime sleepiness in children.

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