Risks while driving in a state of fatigue or sleepiness is clear, namely a decreased level of analysis and response to the driver on the road conditions.
In addition, fatigue while driving can also arise from the mind, such as thinking about work or domestic problems. After knowing the symptoms of fatigue while driving at the top, you should hurry up to stop on the road before the accident occurred. If you’ve noticed that you’re hunched forward slightly then very slowly straighten yourself and bring your shoulders back, which will bring your chest up and out (like a pigeon).

We’ll often slump forward in our posture, constricting the chest area and breathing, our head will dip forward and our jaw will drop—like driving a car at night and finding it hard to stay alert behind the wheel with drifting concentration.
Over time you’ll find the meditation will be less impacted by drowsiness and the sustained awareness won’t allow the body and mind to slump. If you meditate at the end of the day rather than the beginning, you’ll notice more drowsiness because you’re naturally more tired. Research published last year by the CDC also showed that those working in dangerous industries—including transportation jobs such as commercial driving.

Common "techniques to stay awake while driving, such as turning up the radio, opening the window, and turning up the air conditioner, have not been found to be effective," the authors of the new CDC study reported. It remains to be seen whether new car technology to sense and alert drowsy drivers can help.

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