Follow these depression self help techniques to end the cycle of restless sleep and depression. Staying in bed may be challenging, but you’ll be much closer to sleep, than if you get up or start doing some other activity. Keep a notepad beside your bed, and write down every worry or recurring thought that’s keeping you up.
This way you can feel free to relax, and you know you have a scheduled time to actually do all the worrying you want later.Interrupt Your Interrupting-Thoughts.

Get up right away and do something that will keep you awake, such as showering, getting dressed, preparing breakfast, etc.
If you did not have enough restful sleep then getting up will ensure you sleep better the next night.Avoid Naps. Start a habit of getting good restful sleep, and you’ll be well on your way to ending depression quickly. Follow these sleep suggestion steps along in your depression self help journey, and you’ll end depression.

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