If you have a CPAP device or have been told you need one, you will have to clean the equipment that comes with it. Foam filter for removing dust particles that could make you sick with the forced air that a CPAP device delivers.
Leave on clean washcloth or paper towels until dry then place both the sponge filter and your paper pre-filter back into the filter compartment on your CPAP device. Wipe the machine and it's base down daily to help remove dust that could be sucked into the machine and filter.

Allow your CPAP supplies to soak for about 15 -20 minutes then swish with the soapy water, rinse well and place on paper towels or a clean washcloth or face towel to dry. Remove all hoses from the CPAP or BIPAP device and place into your warm soapy water and wash as described above. If you have a problem with the air being too dry with your CPAP device ask for a heated humidifier!
If it is heated you may turn it on now but if you can remember it is better to turn it on at the same time you turn on your CPAP device.

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