A CPAP machine is designed to help sleep apnea patients breathe more easily and sleep more deeply throughout the night. Some common CPAP mask problems may result in unnecessary discontinuation of the breathing therapy. Chronic nasal congestion causes many people to discontinue use of their CPAP machine, but adding a heated humidifier to the machine can solve this problem.
CPAP masks that cover the entire face make many users feel claustrophobic and prevent sleep, especially during early months of the breathing therapy. Getting a good night's sleep is important and if your CPAP machine is not working for you, talk to your doctor about your options as soon as possible. Using a chinstrap to hold your mouth closed will prevent mouth breathing and ease dry mouth.
Try adjusting your CPAP mask straps to obtain a better fit, and clean your mask regularly according to the manufacturer's directions.

To help reduce feelings of claustrophobia, practice breathing through just the mask, and then attach the mask to the machine when your comfort level increases. You can try gradually increasing the length of time you wear the mask each night, or you can try a machine with automatically increasing air pressure when the machine "ramps" up the air pressure to the appropriate level that you need.
Placing the machine directly behind the bed and running the tube over the headboard may be one solution.
Unfortunately, it can take you some time to acclimate to the machine when you first begin using your CPAP machine and mask.
If not, you may also have to skip using the CPAP until the cold or allergy resolves itself. Sleeping on your side may break the seal of the mask causing leaks or a decrease in pressure.
Your sleep specialist may be able to help adjust your machine for whatever position you sleep in.

Your sleep specialist may switch you to another type of CPAP machine or positive pressure if you are unable to adjust. Sleeping with your head near the end of the pillow may lessen the risk of breaking the seal; there are also be specific pillows available for use with CPAP machines. It is not an uncommon complaint with CPAP users and may require a different mask, additional straps, or some other adjustment to allow you to successfully use CPAP at night.Good luck! You can also try to move the machine further from the bed or try or mask the sound with a white noise machine.

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