A dyadic exercise intervention to reduce psychological distress among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual cancer survivors.
Influence of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) on quality of life (QOL) in cancer survivors. Prognostic characteristics of 492 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients by serum vitamin D levels.
The reason for the increased risk of health problems is thought to be an association between insomnia and an increase in inflammation throughout the body that becomes chronic. What hasn't been known is whether treating insomnia could reduce inflammation, thereby lowering the risk for chronic disease in older adults. The results were obtained from a randomized clinical trial of 123 adults older than 55, and showed that treating insomnia led to decreases in a known marker of inflammation called C-reactive protein (CRP). They found that, by far, cognitive behavioral therapy performed better than tai chi chih and sleep seminar education in reducing insomnia, and also showed greater and more sustained improvements in sleep quality, the ability to maintain continuous sleep throughout the night, and study participants' reports of fatigue, and depressive symptoms.

The benefit of treating insomnia to reduce inflammation is comparable to the benefit reported with vigorous physical activity or weight loss, he noted. Irwin MR, Olmstead R, Carrillo C, Sadeghi N, Breen EC, Witarama T, Yokomizo M, Lavretsky H, Carroll JE, Motivala SJ, Bootzin R, Nicassio P." Cognitive behavioral therapy vs.
A new study is the first to show decreases in health care utilization and costs following brief treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI). The risk of stroke may be much higher in people with insomnia compared to those who don't have trouble sleeping, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. A study of high school students by University of Adelaide psychology researchers has shed new light on the links between insomnia-related mental health conditions among teens. In a world-first, sleep experts from Flinders University are attempting to fight fatigue caused by insomnia and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) by treating the two conditions at the same time. Concerns have been raised over the long-term use of nutritional supplements containing chromium, after an Australian research team found the supplement is partially converted into a carcinogenic form when it enters cells.

And while everybody has the occasional restless night, for those who suffer from chronic insomnia—some 15 percent of older adults in the United States—that sleep loss can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and even lead to an earlier death.
In a new study, they demonstrate that reducing insomnia can indeed lead to decreases in inflammation, and second, that a form of psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy proved superior to other forms of treatment. The research team found that those who got cognitive behavioral treatment showed a reduced rate of diagnostic insomnia that was nearly double either of the other two treatments.
Twenty-eight percent of drivers have reported falling asleep while driving within the past year.

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