In an attempt to model her own behind on the famous assets of reality-TV maven Kim Kardashian, Miami-based nurse Marlene Chinea shelled out a reported $10,000 to undergo a Brazilian buttlift. Before going under the knife for the five-hour procedure, in which fat would be removed from her arms, upper and lower back, as well as her stomach and thighs via liposuction, Chinea had to pack on 20 pounds — four of which would be injected into her behind.
Now, recovered and flaunting her brand new bottom in the social sphere, Chinea admits that she’s more than happy with the results.

While Chinea has yet to hear from her idol Kim, she’s not ashamed of resorting to a major nip and tuck to achieve her desired derriere, considering the 300-squats-per-day workout regimen just wasn’t cutting it. While the doctor’s celebrity-heavy business has certainly, ahem, picked up in the past couple of years, he could have been even busier if he also performed butt implants — a procedure he chooses not to do out of concern that solid silicone, once placed in the body, is prone to infections and unwanted relocations. Schulman claims Big Apple women are so butt-conscious that he has become the most prolific butt augmenter in the Northeast.

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