Most of the time when I see tooth pain that is generated by trigger points, it is because of the posturing and pressure created by the dental procedure.
This entry was posted in For Clients, Neuromuscular, Pain Patterns, Sinus, TMJ, Tooth Pain, Trigger points and tagged clients, head, masseter, neuromuscular, pain, pain patterns, sinus, teeth, tmj, trigger points by Tony Preston. It is intended to help one to understand how tooth pain is generated by trigger points and how to relieve tooth pain by releasing trigger points.
I get a little more of these cases as my clients know that I can get rid of most tooth pain.

It can also be caused uneven chewing because of a fragile tooth or chewing on things like toothpicks, popcorn kernels.
I started hunting for a good dentist but I went ahead and released the trigger points so that I didn’t have pain while I was looking.
Even when the pain is generated by trigger points, the chemical irritants in the referral pattern impact the tooth and gums adversely and your teeth should be checked by a dentist. When I released those trigger points, the pain and infected feeling in the two premolars went away.

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