The cervical area of your spine is responsible for supporting your skull’s weight and supplying the full range of motion that you require from your neck. These lifestyle habits are for instance unsuitable sleeping on a pillow or failure to use one hence leading to a poor neck body posture. Finally another common cause of pinching of nerves in your neck is tumors within the cervical spine. A good pillow support will lower the stress placed on your neck and the upper back as a whole.

You are likely to be taking lots of trapped nerve pain killers and not eating or sleeping properly, these will then lead to poor hydration levels. Take note that using a pillow is a recommendable means to support your neck and it will lower the risk of further nerve irritation. It is of less importance the size and shape of the pillow you will use at this juncture but the baseline is incorporating a pillow to support your neck. Regularly using it during sleep will always ensure that your head and neck are well supported and that your head is exerting no extra pressure on your neck.

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