Snoring is the sound that we hear when the soft part of the nasal cavity, mouth and the throat begin to vibrate during breathing while we sleep. Just as coughing can be the symptom of pneumonia, snoring can be the symptom of sleep apnea syndrome (SAS).
The snoring noises can get so hard that a partner, roommate or even the neighbours can find it a true burden. However, although that sleep apnea and snoring go hand-in-hand, not every snorer suffers from apnea.

Research has shown that an anti snoring mouthpiece can provide good results for people with mild sleep apnea. An anti snoring mouthpiece keeps your jaw in place, so that the airway doesn’t get obstructed while sleeping.
However, it is important to find the real reason of your snoring problem in order to find the right solution. Other possible causes of snoring can be a (nose-) cold, or a narrowing of the airways for example by swollen tonsils or by problems with your septum.

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