I can't wait to hit the beach this summer for volleyball with friends, an easy way to tone up fast! Prepare for the long run, killing monsters, chase your life, and jump from the dangers.In this game stickman running and kills your main goal is to get, as long as possible and kill as many monsters.
On your first run you’ll become immersed in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overrun the earth while humans huddle together in camps to survive.
I found the base building to be very motivating – I wanted to get out there and run so I could gather supplies and add a hospital to Abel Township. One feature I love more than a zombie loves brains – you can see how fast you ran during certain songs, and how much faster you ran when being chased by zombies.
Considering I haven’t had one bad thing to say about this app (besides the lack of interval mode for Android), I obviously recommend it with 5 crazy awesome zombie stars! Because you're sure to spend the first screen or two just getting your bearings, the first boss fight in Feist can feel like it comes out of nowhere.
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You become Runner 5, responsible for retrieving supplies and running special missions for Abel Township, a human base camp.

Base camp leaders instruct you on your mission operatives and guide you through infected undead zones to complete your goal. The dialogue is interspersed with music from your pre-selected playlist, creating a perfection combination of story and sweet jams. Besides getting a good look at your base, ZombieLink is also an awesome tool for seeing your running routes and tracking your pacing.
Every enemy in the game is as big or bigger than you, but the porcupine-like bosses are large enough to pick you up and toss you like a football. The sharpened sticks rain down, turn your porcupine-faced foe into a pile of quills, and you're free to run to the next level. You’ll want to find where these are in advance and plan to use them to keep your monster healthy. In Settings you can select to have your mission sessions last 30 minutes or 1 hour, although the missions almost always end short of that (I’ve had missions end at 23 minutes, and 52 minutes). It’s not story driven, but still keeps you immersed in the Abel Township universe as radio hosts Jack and Eugene chat with you and broadcast survival tips to any stragglers.
The response from the Steam community has been overwhelmingly positive, with players noting only two negatives about the game: that it is short, and that it is difficult. The levels can be incredibly unforgiving, so your movement must be precise if you don't want to take massive amounts of damage from the deadly insects that populate the game's environment.

If you click on a building before you start a level, you’ll get a handy targeting reticle where you can select the angle you want to attack a building from and how the resulting destruction will interact with the buildings around it. Just like your monster, these can also be leveled up in your home base and be made even more powerful by collecting or buying blueprints. You’ll get a chance to choose your monster before you start a level, so carefully evaluate what skills you’ll need to succeed.
Either way, when you see a bunch of humans running at you, don’t panic and use all your Creeplings at once. You’ll need to run 20% faster than your average pace from the last 30 seconds in order to outrun the zombies. But beware: he can snatch you out of your hiding spot and toss you away, so you'll need to act fast.
The only thing better would be smashing their heads in with a frying pan, but alas, not possible.

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