Very interesting that they given this a name "sleep paralysis I'm a Christian and I was working through some fears & strongholds in my life. I'm not one to believe in demons or anything religious or supernatural but this had me running to the nearest church I had trouble sleeping due to disturbing sounds surrounding me eventually I ended up falling asleep and it felt as if I could feel myself going through the stages of deeper sleep while being awake eventually I felt myself being treated like a puppet (in the dream) I entered a house and got sat down on a couch with my bf standing to my left like everything was normal when he jolted in which I saw in my dream and felt (assumed he jolted in his sleep) he looks up ducking down I hear something running on the Celin and in the corner of my eye watch him follow the sound with his sight, all this going on while in my dream my eyes are closed yet I see everything and as I see everything from first person I also see it as third if I were awake day dreaming yet as if it was all actually happening I felt something jump down and hold me down I couldn't move I couldn't open my eyes I new I could see it in front of my face but yet I couldn't. Ever sense I was Little I have suffered from restless nights and screaming out in the night I Iam seeking help Cus I don't know who to talk to or get advice on this matter but iv always had dreams of death and destruction also with these demons that try and hold me down at first I can't move or speak y it holds me down but as soon I realize what is happing I start to fight back and start to push it's arms up back towards it as I start to do this I can start to get my voice back and as I'm screaming and finally get it off is when I wake up screaming out loud as I sit up drenched in sweat and wore out .
First and foremost I want to share that I am a Christian with a growing relationship with the Lord my Father, I also have a degree in psychology and have studied sleep paralysis. Even once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity after a heart attack, you may still be nervous about having sex. The good news is that less than 1% of all heart attacks take place during sex, so once you’ve been cleared by your doctor, you’re no more likely to have a heart attack in that moment than anyone else. If you’re still nervous about having sex after a heart attack, maybe it’s time to think about things a little differently.
If you answered yes to those two questions, you can feel better about your doctor’s clearance. If you’ve personally met those two guidelines, then he’s right – you’re ready to resume your sex life. That being said, sometime the same emotional reaction that can cause people to embrace sex again can also cause people to have performance issues. Just like there are physical steps you can take to revitalize your sex life after a heart attack, there are steps you can take to help with the emotional responses, as well.
Sleep paralysis can be an extremely scary experience for those who have never encountered it before. It is a complete conscious paralyzing event that happens when the mind wakes up immediately from the depths of rapid eye movement [REM] sleep, but the body doesn’t quite catch up right away. This is because you’re going through your routines at a different time even though it is the same time on the clock where you are. Lack of sleep, sleep disturbances and shift work – all these factors can also increase the likelihood of experiencing sleep paralysis. 50% of people will experience at least one incident of sleep paralysis during their lifetime.
Many people will take the stresses from their day, their worries, and all of their other problems and stuff them down as deep as they can into the bucket of the subconscious. Whether it is demonic licking, ghost visions, or other hallucinations that come one’s way during an episode of sleep paralysis, what is really happening is that the mind is beginning to cope with an overflowing bucket of internalized concerns. The combination of too much stress and a disrupted routine are the most common reason that sleep paralysis occurs. If you have an incident of sleep paralysis, then remember this: it is another tool your body can use to your benefit. The second [and only other] time that I experienced sleep paralysis occurred under similar circumstances to my first experience. It happens with me during periods of napping, but for my friend Ed, it happens to him in the middle of the night. Ed says that sometimes it feels very strange during these incidents because there seems to be someone in the room watching him. In a state of exhaustion, however, the mind grabs at any straws it can to make sense of what is happening.
Try wiggling your toes, opening your eyes, or try to say something to the presence you may feel in the room. These actions may even make it possible to use sleep paralysis as a unique coping mechanism should it occur. This is often why we believe there are demons, witches, vampires, or other evil creatures in the room with us when sleep paralysis occurs. Researchers into the subjects of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis believe that the mind builds an internal portrait of the body that is new every day. During sleep paralysis, that mental photograph being developed at that very moment doesn’t sync up with the previous photographs that have been taken. If you choose to enter into a dream state instead of waking up, you may feel more refreshed from a night’s sleep than ever before. For most people, sleep paralysis means that someone has gone outside of their comfort zone.
Practicing meditation for about 20 minutes per day can help to lessen the stresses of changing routines. The moment we can wrap our minds around the experience and realize that it really is a manifestation of who we are that is being experienced, the negatives can be turned into a positive. Other times I have had it where I have been able to roll out of my body and then turn it into a lucid dream.
Sleep Paralysis has (thankfully!) never happened to me, but I can imagine how terrifying it must be the first time it happens. After reading your experience, I realized I have not experienced sleep paralysis before… it sounds like really a really scary experience.
For more, you can submit your own sleep story here, or browse the collection of experiences and questions other visitors have shared here.

The main details remain constant.A man or woman is attacked during the night, usually lying on their back, when an evil entity sits upon their body, causes paralysis, and even sometimes chokes or smothers it's victim. The heavy loads we carry from the trauma in our lives from past failures, worries, guilt and shame.
Like most I've had these encounters so many times I can't count but I will bring up a few times where it has been alot different from the last and maybe someone can help me piece together the pieces. I have always been able to see unexplained things that people have never believed when I've told them. I was unable to speak move or see I could feel it slowly putting more pressure on me and my chest not being able to breath I started to wake up and I could still feel it I woke up I could hear my bf on my right breathing but like the dream I couldn't speak move I could see i knew I was awake and still felt pressure until all of a sudden after about 6-10 sec after waking up it was just gone that instance I sat right up gasping for air holding my chest crying I had never been more terrified in my life I couldn't sleep after that no negativity in my life I'm happy and everything's going perfect for me right now nothing like this has ever happened before and before this happened I was calmly and happy with a clear mind. I dreamed of someone standing beside me or sometimes in my chest and its evil(like demons you see in movies) and they want to come inside of me or want to hurt me but i cant even move or talk. I don't know what this is supost to mean because I see on all the sights iv researched that people fight back and still can't move untell it's over or say Jesus name. Sleep paralysis could be explained scientifically of course, however it is 100% a result of a demonic attack. And, sex absolutely counts as physical activity – which means it’s contributing to a healthy heart, rather than endangering it. You may have to change things up a bit – but that doesn’t mean your sex life won’t be as satisfying! You may not be able to lie on your back for a while because of the risk of fluid in your lungs.
If our emails become too much, you can remove yourself at any time by clicking an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email. You still follow your same routines at the same time, but the first couple of days are awkward because something feels wrong about the routine itself. Because of the research I had been doing, it only took a couple moments for me to realize that I was experiencing sleep paralysis.
When he can get his body to move, what he usually discovers is that one of the kids is staring at him. They may be blessed because they don’t see and yet still believe, but not when sleep paralysis happens. If you have and would like to share your story, you can do so in the comment section below!
I’m not 100% sure, but I think yes, he experienced sleep paralysis, because you woke him up unexpectedly. Though their motivation may differ, (possession, revenge, or just wanting to upset the living) the attack remains strikingly similar.And these stories are not limited to Western cultures, in fact, quite the contrary.
I asked the Lord to help me face my fears, so I could move forward to be his servant for his kingdom her on earth and in heaven.
The unbelievers do not have this power and will only make the demonic attacks worse by using Christian methods to get rid of demons. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. Whoever you’re in bed with – if it’s your spouse for the last 30 years, or a new relationship – this person finds you attractive. There’s no shame in needing a little extra help in the bedroom, especially after having a heart attack! It was on my cheek, a little rough like a dog’s tongue, and there were even licking sounds that I could hear. After that incident, I began to research sleep paralysis, why it happens, and what can be done when it happens. Actually I am able to control my dreams so I suppose I could be able to control my body during sleep paralysis!!! In Thailand people refer to being Phi um (ghost covered) and phi kau (ghost possessed), and these experiences include a feeling of pressure, paralysis, and something black covering the body. No paranormal investigators or scientists has ever got rid of a demon, only the Christian church can do this. When I was younger and after my granny passes away I began to have alot of hate inside mixed with alot of other feelings from my past I remember telling god I hated him for putting me in a family and a situation I didn't understand and that is when the encounters began over the years I didn't know what to do scared to sleep and I remember this one particular Sunday I don't know how to explain it I had a voice deep down in my soul tell to get up now and go to church I ignored thinking I was just sleepy and layer down about 5 mins later I couldn't breathe and I heard the voice say now it was something about it that didn't scare me like the encounters but more as a parent as shaken as I was I got up after years of not going to church and went as I sat in the church angry with arms folded wondering why I was getting madder just sitting there I sat through and went home.
As a child I lived in an apartment for about 6 years and the entire time I would constantly hear men talking, things dropping, the basics.
I've read over most of these comments and some shed a lot of light, some are misleading. Since I was a little girl I have had vicious nightmares about demonic possession. As ugly as a scar might seem to you, by the time you’re at this point, your partner isn’t looking at the scar. Unbelievers should stay away from hypnosis, psychics, tarot, quiji, seances, and all dark arts, this will not eliminate the attacks, but make them worse.
But they always disturbing me last time i sleep between 4:30 pm(actually i am awake that time)but when i close my eyes i see a room with fire i hear voices then some force bring me inside and i think its inside of me i hear a voice of a big evil man(a demon) saying words that i cannot understand and i think it want to go inside of me but i shout and force my self to speak the words of GOD until it stops then i wake up. It worked and although it has happened again on the odd occasion, Jesus name brings an immediate end to the attack.
I am a Lutheran Seminary graduate and have a MA in Theology and I am just a few credits short of receiving my MDiv.

I couldnt move and I ws going deeper and deeper and I said maybe four times " I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and then I was realeased. I get my bible and pray i did not tell my husband about it because he once saw me screaming and saying words that he cannot understand while i am asleep and that time i am dreaming of a demon.
You are well aware of where you are and what you're thinking and everything in the area (TV dresser bed etc.) in most cases is in its exact spot. But sex is an important part of living a full life, so don’t give it up just because of a heart attack. The grace of Christ through His shed blood on the cross if you repent of your sins and trust in him is the victory which overcometh this world. They always start in a dream where I can see myself talking to someone I know and when I try to say something to the person in my dream that I'm aware of this the attack begins. I think I was speaking aloud be c aise I could hear myself I dont know but afterwards I was just confised but I thanked Him for what he did for me and then went to sleep,bit to be honest I didnt have solid sleepni just felt I was in that place between being asleep and awake all night.
You can be lying in bed and just began to feel this overwhelming sensation of fear and discomfort. I have tried fighting and have been able to wake myself from the dream to discover a great black shape with a distorted face above me. I jnow evil is real Ive head satan tell me before that I was going to die and I believed it until I told my father and he said that he told me that because he knows that the life I live will be for God and satan doesn't want that. As a believer I Christ I am more of a target of attack when I sin, however I am stronger than the devil himself when I refrain from sin, fast and pray. It's an entirely fascinating subject, whether the consistency of such events can be explained by evil forces or simply physiological and biological similarities (what can happen to one human in Japan can happen to another human in Thailand). I then have to demand this off of me in the name of Jesus and thi ins this is the only thing I've found to break it.
Because of my experiences before I am terrified to sleep with my tv off or my back facing the tv, I have my bed in a corner and sleep in between the walls.
Im waging dull war on satan I hate him with all I have within me and thank God I know that we Christians have the victory in the end.
Your second paragraph seems to suggest the former explanation, while I suggest the latter throughout this site (in particular, here).I attempted to find Aimless on Facebook, but a few targeted searches brought no results about a movie or sleep paralysis.
Any spiritual beings that reveal themselves to you are not angels of light but fallen angels. I refuse to sleep on the outside but for some reason that night I shut my tv off and laid with my back facing the tv and my face facing the wall, sleeping like that is uncomfortable and really scares me.
Satan trying to take my life twice does nothing but strengthen my faith in god and makes me even more confident that I have purpose or else he wouldn't try so much to take my life.
I am determined to fight back, If I can't do that when trying to sleep, then I will have more time awake to do so. In Jesus name I pray, Amen." And like other people have said, whenever I get attacked by one, I speak Jesus's name or simply say, "Praise the Lord," but it is so hard getting the words out when they've got a hold on you.
Usually I say "Praise the Lord" with my spiritual voice and it works, but again, hard work when they're sitting on your throat or paralyzing you.
If you are saved they will attempt to entice you to sin so that they can then attempt to make you think that you either are not saved or that you have been delivered over to the devil because of being an unrepentant Christian.
All I remember repeating in my head was "you have no power over me" I said this the entire time in my head. I'm on all four, trying to regain control of my breathing, almost as if I had, had a bad asthma attack. The evil forces of this world do not have the power over your flesh unless you willing give yourself over to them.
I know that when I'm good they leave me alone for a while but try to come back and break down your guard. There is human technology that can be used by evil man in cooperation with evil forces to make you think that the evil forces have power over you when it is really physical technology used to manipulate your mind and body and physical emotions. Please read carefully these words of scripture and make sure that you have turned from your sins to Jesus Christ as your Savior. I'm sorry for those that get offended but you must know if you are getting attacked: sex before marriage, sex with a same sex partner, living together before marriage. I've seen 'miracles' almost every day when He shows me what transpires in the future (I call them miracles as they are to me but a true miracle is an instantaneous healing). If you want to learn more about demons search for and read the sermon titled "Demonology" by William Marrion Branham -- then you will understand. Lastly, if this happened to you as a child or its happening to your children you must pray to renounce a generational curse or generatinal sins and soul ties.

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