As a customer or a patient, being informed and knowledgeable empowers you to make intelligent decisions and allows you the understanding of basic medical terminology used by doctors. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is defined as a pause or cessation of breathing and disruption of air flow secondary to upper airway obstruction.
Disruption to sleep makes you feel tired after you wake up, and your performance at work or in school is sub optimal. Although Sleep disorder is a common phenomenon and its association with obesity or overweight has been established in recent years, new studies demonstrated an association between sleep disordered breathing and bronchial asthma. A recent study in the Journal of pediatrics from November 2011 showed association between sleep disordered breathing, wheezing and asthma.
Additionally, the study supports current guidelines recommending that physicians consider sleep disordered breathing as a contributing factor in poorly controlled asthma. Bottom line: your chances of having bronchial asthma or reactive airway disease, as well as sleep disordered breathing are enhanced if you are obese or overweight. Latest Updates24-04-2014Distraction while driving and road accidents.Using electronic gadgets while driving is distractive and leads to road accidents. Our specialties include the treatment of lung cancer, pneumonia and other respiratory infections, bronchial asthma, interstitial lung disease, emphysema (COPD), as well as medical sleep apnea syndrome.
This department does not only provide treatment of lung disease, but we emphasize a holistic approach to the patient, and take advantage of the hospital’s position as a general hospital to maintain the highest quality of care possible. We also put much effort into the training of resident physicians, and perform clinical research. Patients of American, Indian, Korean, Philippine, Chinese and other nationalities are also regularly treated at this hospital.

At the Oncology Center, we have full-time Oncology Pharmacy Specialists and Oncology Certified Nurses that provides detailed care for our patients. Once a month, the Pulmonary Medicine Doctors, Pharmacists and Nurses (Outpatient, Hospital Ward, Palliative Care departments) come together to review problematic points related to treatment and care for all of our lung cancer patients. A specialized nurse will teach you information on Asthma such as inhalation methods and how to respond when an asthma attack occurs.
The respiratory area is an important area that especially requires the cooperation of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and co-medical (radiation technologist, laboratory technician, rehabilitation, social workers, etc.).
A large portion of our hospitalized patients are elders and there are many who have complications aside of respiratory illnesses such as circulatory disease, diabetes and cerebral infarction aftereffects. Each month, doctors, nurses (outpatient, hospital ward, palliative care) and pharmacists come together to hold a conference regarding lung cancer treatment for all of our outpatient lung cancer patients.
We conduct Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) and Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NPPV) therapy for patients with chronic respiratory failure such as emphysema (COPD).
Our hospital is located in Chuo city, the center of Tokyo, and patients visit from all over Japan.
This is simply amazing since obesity is associated with OSA as well as with bronchial asthma and now we recognize a new association between asthma and sleep disorders. Although sleep disordered breathing was associated with obesity, obesity in that study was not significantly associated with asthma severity and did not explain the association between sleep disordered breathing and asthma severity. Regular exercise activity and proper diet regimen may spare you the anguish of these disorders, improve your health and prolong your life. The hospital is also a regional-designated cancer care hospital, and high-quality care is provided consistently at every stage from the initial consultation through palliative care.

The breakdown of the main diseases for which patients are treated include705 cases of asthma, 294 cases of emphysema (COPD), 291 cases of treatment for chest X-ray abnormalities, 241 cases of pneumonia, 185 cases of sleep apnea, 180 cases of lung cancer, 170 cases of interstitial pneumonia, 84 cases of bronchiectasis, 72 cases of non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease (definite diagnosis), 50 cases of tuberculosis (definite diagnosis), 43 cases of sarcoidosis (definite pathology diagnosis), and 14 cases of tuberculous pleuritis. We introduced outpatient chemotherapy very early on and we provide the latest lung cancer treatment on an outpatient basis.
By sharing the treatment methods of nurses and pharmacists (not only doctors) and discussing the distress of lung cancer patients, we are now able to provide a holistic care.
A large percentage of our patients are from Chuo city, Koto city, Edogawa city, Setagaya city, Minato city and Suginami city but there are also patients who visit from outside Tokyo such as Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa. It is conceivable that metabolic and inflammatory variables as well as autonomic nervous system, fluid environment in the airway and to some degree gastro esophageal reflux play a role and should be given consideration. We also utilize the fact that we are a “general hospital” to cooperate with all other departments to establish a system that makes care possible for the entire body, and not only the lung. For patients who need to transfer hospitals, the social worker at our hospital will make rounds in the Pulmonary Medicine department once a week to understand the disease condition and accurately grasp problematic points in order to recommend a facility that best fits each patient.
Home care treatment is possible with the thorough communication between the home nursing care station and the main physician. Those determinations are done by a sleep study also known as Polysomnogram available in qualified medical sleep centers.

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