Regular readers of this blog will remember the article last year in which I wrote about my overnight stay at the sleep lab at St.
Sleep apnea is caused by the upper airway being closed off when the muscles relax during sleep.
A CPAP machine provides pressurized air to the nose, which inflates the airway, keeping it continuously open. With a prescription and list of CPAP stores given to me by my doctor, I set out to do some CPAP machine shopping. The guy at the CPAP store was pretty nice and showed me a number of CPAP machines and masks, explaining the differences between them. I decided that the best strategy would be to go with the machine and mask combination that was the most comfortable. I must admit to a bit of relief at not having to cyborgize myself every night, but it would be even nicer to not have major sleepy-atacks during the day. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea after seeing my ophthalmologist, who detected cupping (nerve damage) on my right optic nerve.

Long story short, I’m getting a CPAP machine soon and we hope that will stop the progression of the nerve damage.
I recently started using a cpap machine to treat apnea, and found your blog while doing a litle research on my machine. I am new to the world of sleep apnea and cpap but I can see that the biggest thing especially for me is getting the right mask. I am a regular contributer of a Fb page about Sleepapnea here in Holland (Netherlands) where people can post there experiences and help eacheother with questions. The end result is unobstructed breathing, which in turn eliminates sleep apnea and as an added bonus eliminates snoring.
That’s the process where the appropriate amount of air pressure for the CPAP is determined, which requires someone to monitor you while you sleep. Yet I randomly came across your blog again while searching for somewhere to DIY fix my CPAP machine. It was helpful to see what the machine looked like (I was imagining some gigantic air compressor thing like I got in my garage).

I wake up with my body numb and have to initiate breathing- I feel like I have been under water for minutes. This sort of thing, repeated over and over again, messes with your sleep and puts undue strain on the heart.
Before going with eye drops for the rest of my life, I saw a neurologist who suggested I get a sleep study done.
Sleep apnea causes wild blood pressure swings all night, which we suspect caused the optic nerve damage.

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