People snore because of vibration of tissues in the back of the throat that occurs during sleep. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We'll refund your purchase payment if you're not 100% satisfied Durable travel case and step-by-step instructions are included Excellent alternative to expensive custom mouthpieces from the dentist. The Snore Relief Mouthpiece helps by slightly repositioning your lower jaw forward and widening the gap for a constant unrestricted airway.
Snore Relief does not make you feel uncomfortable as many other mouthpieces on the market do.

Experts have been using this treatment for more than 2 decades to cure around 90% of their patients' snoring problems. You have probably tried breathing strips, pillows and chinstraps to get rid of the snoring.
Discomfort comes if your jaw is in a clenched position, with Snore Relief this is not the case. Most of those methods are ineffective because they don't tackle the problem in the right way- they ignore the fact that snoring occurs in the back of the throat.

The secret behind Snore Relief's effectiveness is that it gently lifts the lower jaw through its innovative approach. Snore Relief is cleared by the FDA, so you don't need to worry about its quality as it is safe and efficient.

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