There's nothing like warm water to calm a (little) body down, and that holds true for your rambunctious toddler. As every Mom knows, toddlers get ornery when they feel they're being bossed around too much — it'll help if you factor in a few choices on the bedtime journey.
Keen Newport H2 for Eloise (boys) and Keen Newport H2 toddler for Margaux (boys)  – These were my second choice based on my online research.
We have been wearing these almost daily for the past month and I love them and so do the girls. I definitely think I am going to give the brand a try for next year – I know so many parents, like you, love them!
A tip on the white Stride Rite’s (because my girls both got blisters on the back of th heel, too) is to wear socks for the first couple times wearing them to properly break them in and then they *shouldnt* leave blisters.

Sharing a favorite story before bedtime is a routine that you can adopt from week one, as your lil one will love the soothing sound of Mom's or Dad's voice. Toddlers love routines because the predictability of knowing what comes next makes them feel safe and secure. We've rounded up 10 of our absolute favorite first board books for babies, all of which we think deserve a spot on your nursery's bookshelf. And that's certainly true at nighttime, when calmness is an essential ingredient for peaceful toddler sleep.
If he's not hungry or this is the part of the routine that stalls or breaks down ("I want more cookies, Mom"), skip it. Tell your toddler you're a miner looking for gold, sing a silly song, or count down as you brush each tooth.

Try to stay away from raucous stories, especially involving monsters, and don't go overboard with the acting out (save that for daytime reading). Even though you can use the toggle to tighten the top of the shoe it was the sole overall that was thick and heavy for her. The best routine lasts about an hour tops — and that includes everything from the bath to the final good-night kiss.

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