Using DryNites pajama pants can help kids get over their fear of wetting the bed, remember waking up soaked can be scary for young children!
DryNites website specialises in bedwetting and understands how difficult this time can be for both parents and children. Check out the website for more information on enuresis, self-esteem in children and read others bedwetting stories.

Luckily, this is a good age to talk it over with your little one and start trying the bedwetting solutions below.
Having a giggle about Mummy or Daddy or a glamorous Auntie or a blokey Uncle wetting the bed could help prevent your little one from feeling bad about their bedwetting. This could be a difficult time for them and they need you to help and reassure them until the bedwetting solutions work.

Grab a free sample of DryNites Bedwetting Pyjama Pants or get all the information on bedwetting.

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